Read anything via email, anywhere. We make sure you actually read the stuff you planned on reading.
Love to read? So do we. We bookmark articles and essays and ebooks and more. But sometimes, we are too busy to get back to them.

Read via email. Let us send items from your reading list to your inbox. You will never forget to read anything again. You can read an article over the course of a few days. Or maybe an ebook over a few months.

Read in pieces. We send you an email of about 1000 words each day. If you're a slower or faster reader, no problem. You can easily change this number to suit your pace.

Use our bookmarklet. Similar to other "read later" bookmarklets available, the unVaultlet saves an article for you to read later. It also automatically finds all pages of multi-page articles.

You have control. unVault lets you control how you receive items from your reading list: randomly, chronologically, in custom orderings that you create. If you want to receive more than one item a day, no problem.

Connect to your existing lists. unVault can connect to almost any web service: Instapaper, Read It Later, Delicious, Twitter, Google Reader, etc. (For advanced users: Anything that has an RSS feed is okay too.)